Two methods in order to delete pending comments

There are lots of blogs that are getting thousands of comments that include spam comments. Each time we have to delete those spam comments but unfortunately, we can delete only 20 comments at once, this becomes really annoying when we have to delete thousands of comments, as it takes lots of time and a boring procedure.

There are two methods in order to delete pending comments, these are followings:

1. Using Delete Pending Comments Plugin.

2. Using phpmyadmin.

Method 1. Using Delete Pending Comments Plugin:

Well, to fix this problem a wordpress plugin has been developed called Delete Pending Comments. It let you easily delete all pending comment at once. I think its a very useful and must have plugin for popular blogs like mashable, techcrunch, labnol and shoutmeloud. In order to download this plugin follow the link below:

Download Delete Pending Comments Plugin

Method 2. Using phpmyadmin:

Deleting pending comments through phpmyadmin is easy enough if you have little knowledge about phpmyadmin and SQL query. Just follow the steps below:

1. Open and navigate to phpmyadmin Icon. After that click on it

2. In phpmyadmin select the appropriate WordPress database

3. Run the following command from SQL

delete from wp_comments where comment_approved = ‘0’

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