Smartphone’s running on Android

For some time now, Smartphone’s running on Android have surpasses sales posted by iPhone on a regular basis. This is hard to imagine because of Apple’s strong worldwide following. But, that trend has shifted and Apple is now claiming more than half of the mobile internet market share. Apple has steered the trend towards them with a few implementations and strategies.

For starters, they offer three compatible devices that each offer a tier of generations that can be upgraded for different versions. They are the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod. Apple ensured the reach of each device would be far stretching as one is a Smartphone, one is a touch screen multi media player, and the other is a tablet. This offers three different approaches to mobile internet and its uses.

The iOS devices that Apple uses run best on Safari, which is the most popular browser today, and is used by more than 55 percent of the mobile internet share market. Other browser came in considerable lower than this. It takes time for technology trends to kick off, and it seems that once you start getting adapted to one, then another one steps in and takes its place. 3G is just now starting to take flight and it is only a small proportion of users on there that have mobile broadband. With 4G becoming the new mainstream advancement, the doors are opened for mobile internet to spread its wings and take us to places that we never could have imagined.

Where Does This Take Us From Here?

Usage demands have skyrocketed and the iPhone had to bear the brunt of that usage with its immense popularity. Apple now leads the market share by a staggering amount and it will be interesting to see how high the percentage they have claimed will eventually reach.

The announcement of the Kindle Fire and its release will no doubt send the market into frenzy once it begins shipping. It is said that the Kindle Fire is an iPad killer and will not only replace it, but change how we view the already technologically advanced world in which we live.

The next decade will see a growing marketplace in the telecommunications industry and the expansion of mobile capabilities will surpass even the wildest of dreams. The advancements in technology mean that we will only rely more on internet access and how we interact with society.

Becoming familiar with the available resources that the internet offers will help to make a smoother transition into the future. Now is the time to learn all that you can and prepare yourself for the new modern age that we are catapulting into.

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