Google +1 Button

Google begins to consider the use of Google+1 button, which was introduced in the early of March, and which should appear on the search results page. By clicking on the button, users appreciate the importance of the material in search results. Thus they can raise the importance of the resource on Google Search. Now the Web masters  can place a Google+ 1 button on their Web sites.

Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button first appeared on the selected sites. But now it is available to all. Like other social buttons, one can place Google+1 button on their blog easily. Google has created a simple tool that allows you to choose +1 button from several sizes and styles, and then provides the appropriate code JavaScript, which must be inserted in the code page of the site.

Google hopes that a button after integration in the search results will be an attractive option for publishers who can get more traffic as visitors of their resources would be to click one.

How to add Google +1 Button in your website

Step One: Go to Google +1 Button Page and choose the button size there, and the display language of signatures to the button. This will be enough. In the window below appears two pieces of code.

Step Two: Copy the first code and paste it into the code of your site before the closing tag. If you use WordPress, the code must be inserted into one of the template files where the tag is present, such as in file footer.php, just before the tag .

Step Three: The second piece of code is inserted where you want to see a +1 button. For WordPress, you can insert code in the single.php file. Either insert the code into a text widget in the sidebar located.

Additional tips for Integrating Google +1 Button

The default button has a URL-parameter i.e JavaScript will scan a page and replacing the destination address of a button, the value of link rel=”canonical”. If this option is not on the page, the URL-address current page. If you want users to click on the button for a particular URL, then you need to code the button to add the code href= You can do it and get a code on the page button.

We will be grateful if you press the button and help in testing the new Google +1 Button.

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